Roon Remote App only find WiFi connection after restart of Roon Core

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I have Roon Core running on my MacBookPro Retina 2015 (newest macOS) and then when I start the latest Roon app on my Android 11 phone (Oppo Find X2 Neo), there is no WiFi connection to Roon. I experience this over and over again. How it only works: I must restart Roon on the Mac, then the connection works immediately. This is annoying.


Some network details would be great to have. Is the MacBook on a LAN connection? Further any firewalls or security tools involved?

WiFi (WLAN) connection. I use the Mac with enabled internal Firewall but not special security tools. Why does the connection with my smartphone work when I start Roon new on the Mac, why doesn´t it work when Roon is already running?

Would you mind to try with the FW off? If no untrustworthy clients on the inside your security shouldn’t be jeopardised.

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Good idea. I did it but the searching process doesn´t come to an end.
Restarting the remote app on the phone usually doesn’t help either. Only very rarely did the app connect to the running Roon Core in the past.

And from the eternal truth department:

When was your network gear (router, access points) restarted the last time? If you can’t remember it might be about time to do so.

This week :slight_smile: I have a very good internet provider (Telekom). Very stable. 250 MBit/s WiFi. (just measured)

Thanks for your help. If I launch Roon Core then the Remote App finds the Core. My problem is to connect the remote app when Roon Core is running…

This week sound good. The point in general is that the internet feed still might be working for some of your internal clients, while the LAN, WiFi and all the network management side your router deals with might get corrupted over time. I’m that case a fresh start often solves strange problems. Anyway - not in this case :wink:

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Yes. It seems that I am not the only one with such problems.
(Danke, Bernd, du hast wohl keine Probleme, die Remote App mit deinem aktiven Roon zu per WLAN zu verbinden?)

Roon empfiehlt den Core immer per LAN zu anzuschließen. Trotzdem ist das mit einer stabilen und leistungsfähigen WLAN Verbindung absolut möglich. Probleme sollten typischerweise erst auftreten wenn größere Datenmengen fließen. Zum Beispiel wenn Du Musik von Tidal (über WLAN) zum MacBook schaffst und schlimmstenfalls diese dann noch (wieder per WLAN) an einen Netzwerkstreamer weiter verteilst. Bei deinem Problem ist es aber die wenig volumenintensive Verbindung zwischen Roon Remote und Roon Core. Entweder ist es eine wirklich miserable WiFi Qualität oder halt Probleme die in Richtung FW bzw. andere Security Produkte deuten (PiHole, Little Snitch, etc pp)

Wenn, dann wird es wohl eher an der Firewall liegen. Was mich stutzig macht: sobald ich Roon auf dem Mac neu starte, ist die Remote App sofort verbunden und alles funktioniert prima. Wenn ich die Remote App schließe und neu starte, wird keine Verbindung mehr aufgebaut zum Core. Manchmal klappt übrigens nach einigen Sekunden die Verbindung auch, wenn der Core schon läuft, aber viel zu selten, daher habe ich das Problem hier gemeldet, denn es nervt mich.

Hi @Frank_Rahde

I wanted to check in to see if you’re still seeing issues here. If so, can you confirm the following?

  • Do things work on the Mac during this time?
  • Do you have any other remote devices? Do they exhibit the same thing?


Hi @dylan
No, there is no other remote device on my smartphone, that shows the same behaviour.
The Roon Core on the Mac shows no problems.

It is strange. Today the remote connection works fine. I didn´t recognize the cause of failed connection establishment yet. Yesterday the remote app failed.