Roon remote can not connect

I am a new user. I can not use my phone’s Roon Remote to connect the PC Roon.
In Settings, on the Setup Tab , i can not see the “Accept connections from remotes”.
So what can i do?

Sorry for the trouble here, @Yang_Jian

Are you using RoonServer on the PC or the all-in-one install? For RoonServer this option does not appear.

Can you provide some additional details about your setup, including networking details?

I install both Roon and RoonServer. IP address on PC and Phone are both””.

Thanks for confirming, @Yang_Jian.

In that case, it is normal for the remote option to not appear.

Can you provide some details on your networking setup? What router is in use? How are your devices connected?

Hi @Yang_Jian

I just wanted to check and see if things are working okay for you now. If not, please provide the details mentioned above and we’ll be happy to help!

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