Roon Remote Can't Find Roon OS Core in Setup

Roon Core Machine

Can’t tell what version of Roon I’m running on my linux laptop. that’s the problem here.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network is fine.

Connected Audio Devices

Running roon server output to Formation Flex. Plays fine for first selection.

Library Size

1000 tracks

Description of Issue

Running roon remote on both iOS and Android. Same problem on both. When I try to check Roon Core version I go to Setup and next to “Find Roon OS” I click “Find”. Never finds it.

Roon is working halfway but has some issues in that when I switch albums it freezes and I have to restart the roon server via command line on the linux box. Also happens when I try to go to Tidal. It’ll play local music once then it freezes when I try to play Tidal or another local album.

So, trying to access the core to check its version and update it, etc but the roon remote can’t find the Roon OS Core. When I click Find it says “Searching for Roon OS Core…”

Then below it says “Make sure you’re Roon OS Core is turned on and connected to your network”. Kinda silly as it’s playing music so it MUST be ON and CONNECTED.

Anyone know how I can access the web UI from either of these roon remote devices without clicking the IP as I can’t get to that screen?

Other thought I have is to manually reinstall from the linux command line? Any resources there?

Other thoughts?

BTW - I’ve already powered down everything and rebooted multiple times.

UPDATE - I signed out and logged back into both Tidal and Roon Server. Roon is more stable, playing multiple selections including Tidal. However, STILL cannot find its own OS.

You need to run a Roon Core on Roon OS {Nucleus(+), ROCK, NADAC+PLAYER}. Installations of Roon Server on any OS don’t have a WebUI (it’s a feature of Roon OS not Roon Server) – use the tools provided by the OS the Core runs on to start/stop Roon Server or configure the network. Read also:

Hi @Joe_Walkuski

Are you still having issues here?

Find RoonOS is specifically for RoonOS (ROCK/Nucleus) Cores. For a standard Linux install, there is no RoonOS configuration.

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