Roon remote connection unstable

Set up
Core on headless MacMini with MacOs 10.15.5. No Antivirus software, Firewall and File Vault off.
Network with Ethernet ↓110 Mbit/s ↑5 Mbit/s connected with Cable Cat 5e
Audio Devices: Lindemann Network Player connected to analog Preamplifier and 2.1 aktive speakers, multi- room system with Blue Os Speakers, iPad Air (IOS 12.4.6), iPhone 6s. All devices in the same network.
Library on MacMini, no streaming service, 1500 tracks.

In the last few days, I repeatedly had the problem that I cannot access Roon Core, whereas my BluOs Speakers will play from the same library when started from the BluOs app. I also noticed, that I don’t have a tab in my setting menu to allow connection from remotes. When I push the configure button, a never-ending search ensues. All connections ensured, the problem has been temporarily resolved when I

  • quit / relaunch Roon Server
  • or turning the Mac off /on
  • de/ reinstall the iOS app.
    After a short reconnect for the time I am listening, the next time when I want to listen again it’s “no devices found again”. Just now, 1 hour after my last listening, I couldn’t access the library because Roon stated” Connection lost”. Restarting Mac and relaunching Roon did not help this time, but deinstalling /reinstalling the app did.
Drives me nuts.

I think you’re on the wrong search, You need to go to the Audio Tab to search for & enable your endpoints. See my screen shot.

Well, the point is, no connection to the core = no endpoint showing up. Audio tab without any listing.

I’ve moved your post into the Support category, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Roon Labs Support Team.

Hello @Butz, thanks for your report. I’ve got some questions so we can track this down:

  1. Can you describe in detail your network infrastructure? What router you’re using, any switches, etc?
  2. What remotes are you using to connect?
  3. Can you give me a screenshot of “Settings>Audio”?
  4. Has this always been an issue or did this start recently?

Configure roon os is only for core like Nuc rock and nucleus.

Details of my network infrastructure are covered in my OP, I might add that I do not use switches and my router is from AVM (Fritz!Box). When no remote access to the core was possible, the audio setting tab was empty. At the moment the system is ok, so I can enclose two screenshots of my audio setting. I cannot pinpoint when the problem started but I had two updates (one for BluOs, the other for Roon) in short succession and I think the problem started thereafter.

A Fritz!Box router? Have you tried the advice given in the KB article on Networking Best Practices:


The FRITZ OS 7 update includes a feature called “Software Packet Acceleration” that can cause issues with remote connectivity. We recommend disabling this setting from the FRITZ GUI.

Note: this setting may or may not be available in your particular AVM router… (I don’t see it in my Fritz!Box 7530, for example)

I found the “Software Packet Acceleration” (its hidden deep in the menu and is a hardware acceleration as well). Disabling it had two effects: connection to my iPhone was lost (see screenshot) and speed throttled dramatically. “Enabling” the phone was not completed until I started the hardware acceleration again, as well as the core and my iPhone. Doesn’t look like a real solution.
What about the “configure” Tab in settings? Why is it not working in my set-up?

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Where is the setting to enable connection from remotes?

I can answer this, but I’ll leave it to the Roon Support folks to answer the other issues.

That Configure Roon OS tab is exactly what it says: it is to configure devices that are running Roon OS (the Roon Operating System). That means things like a Nucleus, a Nucleus+ or a NUC that has ROCK installed on it.

In your network, you don’t have any such devices - your Roon Core is running on MacOS - so the Mac Operating System. That means that screen will just sit there searching for devices running Roon OS, and simply never find any…

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I appreciate this comprehensive explanation, thank you. Helps a Roon noob like me to understand this sophisticated system a bit better. Learning with every post!

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