Roon Remote consistently fails (NUC Intel NUC 8 Mainstream Kit (NUC8i7BEH) - Core i7)

**Core Machine
Intel NUC 8 Mainstream Kit (NUC8i7BEH) - Core i7
Operating system/Server

  • ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
  • Roon ServerVersion 1.7 (build 610) stable
    Roon build number: Build 227 (OS); Build 610 server
    Network: Arris (Comcast) Model: TG1682G; Cisco SG102-24 (24-Port Gigabit Switch)
    Data Sources. Samsung 2TB SSD (on NUC); Synology NAS secondary; Tidal and Qobuz as services
    Primary Remote: Android Samsung 10; current VzW release
    Connected via Ethernet (home network, see above) to Mytek Digital Bridge (Dac to Pre-amp, etc)

Description Of Issue
I have 2 recurring issues:

  1. Variable playback speed of files: This seems to be related to the bitrate of the file and is common across my local library (Samsung 2TB SSD in the NUC); Qobuz; Tidal. At this point, I believe that is it consistently failing with the following: 192Kbs playback is half-speed; 96Kbs is normal; 44.1 is very fast. The problem is intermittent – though persistent across hard reboot; recovery of the Roon OS and a rebuild of the database
  2. Roon Remote “Can’t Connect”/Unavailable: This is an ongoing problem that re-occurs ~monthly or greater. The Roon remote will lose it’s connection repeatedly and requires going through all of the possible troubleshooting steps including stripping out essentially every security protection in my internal network; reboots of all network elements, etc.

Steps I have gone through:

  1. OS rebuild/recover; restarts
  2. App removal and reinstall
  3. Network reboots
  4. Firewall disabling, etc

/rant: Overall, my experience with the product beyond the initial surprise and delight and been a frustrating cycle of updates, failure, instability – to the degree to which I greet streaming through Roon with trepidation and uncertainty as to if the basic function (streaming music consistently) can work. The contrast with BluOs (which I run on another system) is stunning gap in build quality and stability. While I’m mindful that the team is trying to solve a more complex (open vs. closed eco-system) problem – I’m also paying for a dedicated software layer.

I’m hopeful that I can get to a stable and consistent experience with the product. The initial surprise and delight were pretty amazing. This has been time-consuming, expensive, and crushing.

Thanks for any help.

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Very sorry to read about the issues you have experienced. Welcome to the community. The support team or more knowledgeable folks on the site will be along to offer assistance. From my view of the information provided I see 2 possible issues.

Your Arris appears to be a modem/router combination. I have read on this site that those can sometimes be problematic or insufficient as Roon is a heavy Network user. That includes when every other network device is working perfectly.

Is the Samsung 10 you listed a S10 phone or 10 something tablet? Do you happen to have a desktop or laptop that can be used temporally as a remote to see if that makes any difference?

I have the same NUC8i7BEH/Rock setup. I have not experienced any issues with that dedicated music server. The only time I’ve experienced an issue, it was with my router and that was resolved by power cycling. Sounds like you have already done that.

Hi Andrew,

Is everything in the Roon playback chain connected to the cisco switch, or, are some devices on the switch and others connected to the router?

Hi @HuddieLedbetter,

Welcome to the forum!

If you try to temporarily upsample all of your content to one sample rate via Roon’s DSP engine, do you see the issue occur at all?

If you press the “Help” button and try to manually input the IP of the Core or the multicast address of does that allow quicker re-connection?

Can you please share a screenshot of your ROCK Web UI?
How is your DNS configured there?

Mike: My thanks for the outreach and I’m glad your experience has been positive. I’m definitely a supporter of Roon and I’m hoping to bridge this gap on stability.

On modem/router: That’s great insight and it is a fairly easy swap if that is the case. The modem is ~4 years old and so perhaps that is an issue

Samsung – just the phone, though (when it occurs) the controller is not available on either my Windows desktop or Mac (laptop)

Rugby: My thanks.

TLDR: Mytek is always on the switch; I’ve had the Roon on both router and switch, currently router

I’ve had it in both configurations (in the various power cycling, refreshing, etc) and haven’t seen a notable difference – typically everything in the house goes through the switch outside of a Windows desktop (not in the chain) but i connected directly to the router in the last pass.

I’m not sure I’ve been systematic/disciplined as a troubleshooting process to see if that is an issue. (if so, I’ll feel stupid and be ecstatic) If it makes a difference to have everything on the switch let me know and I’ll adjust.

Norris: Thank you. I’ve hit peak workday, but will try these. Thank you!

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I would try everything on the switch as a test.

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