Roon Remote control from Mac OS

Is it possible to use roon on, for instance, a macbookpro, to control (remote control) another device with roon server on it? Or must one use an ipad with roon remote?

Yes, you can: just install ‘full’ Roon for macOS on your MacBook and choose ‘I want to use this computer as a remote’ at first run.

Thank you, but I have it already installed it, not as a remote. Do I need to re-install it?

Not necessarily: go to Settings > General > Core and choose ‘Disconnect’. You then will be offered a screen where you can connect to your new Core.

(Once everything is fine and you want to lose the old stuff on your MacBook, you can delete the Database folder on your MacBook. See ‘Database locations’ in the Knowledge Base document on how to find the correct folder).

thank you.

Hi there,
Is it possible to have the remote on a mac and the server on a pc?
And can roon play the “masters” tidal files with the 96k quality? It’s not playing it here…

[quote=“Marcelo, post:6, topic:22050”]Is it possible to have the remote on a mac and the server on a pc

Yes so long as all devices are on the same subnet it does not matter what combination of operating systems you are running on various.

No but this feature is coming when we don’t know though

Thank you. Are you familiar with the sonore microrendu? It is a roon ready unit that connects over ethernet. I want to use it through a direct connection to my computer, which in turn will be the controller for roon. My question regards the OS of that computer. I currently use Mac, but I was told that a linux system would give me much better results. Is it possible to use a linux computer to control a roon ready device (the microrendu is also a linux machine)?