Roon Remote Controls: Alternative for IOS devices?

Fed up with continuous problems to connect to Roon with iPhone / iPad. 3-4 times a week I have to restart / repeat restart / repeat restart again etc the IOS app to have access to Roon. Hope there is a more reliable control as an alternative to apple devices!

macOS, Windows, Android.

But if you haven’t yet, you should open a #support thread so that they can figure out what your problem is and fix it

I use iPhone and iPad mostly as a roon remote control, and it has been stable enough for some time. It’s even working on the iOS 16 beta.

Could it be a network problem?

Not so lucky as you are.My network (Cable) has 1000 Mbit/s, so no problem there. No other application other than Roon on my MacMini 2018, so no capacity problem. Have also deleted/ reinstalled Roon Remote on my IOS devices and contacted support : problem remains.