Roon Remote Crashes every few seconds

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
iOS 14.2, iPhone Pro Max 11

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Roon remote on iOS 14.2 keeps crashing every 30 seconds or so. Problem just started yesterday for no reason. I deleted the app & re-installed, I’ve restarted Roon, restarted the phone, restarted the computer, & same problem.

Hi @Bruce_Elbeblawy,

Are you seeing this issue with any other remote devices?

I only use the iPhone for a remote.

So I Deleted the app, this time I completely turned off my iPhone, leave it a minute, restart & then redownload the app… worked fine for the last 12 hours… we’ll see if it crashes again

Hello @Bruce_Elbeblawy, that’s good news! Please let me know if the issue occurs again.

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