Roon remote crashes instantly on S 24 Ultra [Fix Testing in EarlyAccess]

Hi everyone,

Development is zeroing in on a fix but would like some more field data to enlarge our sample size.

Specifically, we’re looking for a volunteer from each affected device to follow these instructions to reproduce the problem and supply Android-level logs:

Affected phones include most proprietary versions of Android 14:

Samsung S24
Samsun S24 Ultra
OnePlus 12 series
Oppo X7 series

@Kamil_Kowalski, if you have time and convenience, another log set from you would be particularly useful.

We anticipate being in a position to release a fix soon - the above data should help both expedite release and increase the efficacy of the fix.

Thank you!

@Francis_Vidal, it’s unclear whether you wish to receive support or share customer feedback. The latter lives in Feedback. This is a technical support section. We’re working on it.

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