Roon Remote Crashes on iPad mini 4

Unfortunately, this is an intermittent issue. Maybe 1 out of 5 times. Not too much of a problem but just want to report it.

When switching between apps on the iPad and going back to Remote, Remote crashes and has to be re-launched. Again, not every time.

iPad mini 4, iPad OS 13.3, Roon Remote version 1.7 (Build 511)

Mac mini (late 2014), OS 10.15.2, Roon Bridge version 1.0 (Build 171)

iMac (2017), OS 10.15.2, Roon Core version 1.7 (build 511)



Hi John,

I moved this to the Support category.

Hi @John_Conte,

Is there any change if you uninstall the app on the iPad and reinstall it?

I will remove and re-install it and see if that changes things.

Have not had it happen yet so I’d say it’s resolved! Thanks!

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