Roon Remote crashing on album view

I was doing some library cleanup (looking at gaps between my tidal and Qobuz) and when I tapped on the album 7G by A G Cook the remote locked up.

When I close the app and reopen, no matter what I do it locks up.

The weird thing is, so far, it only happens on that specific album. Everything else is fine. As long as I navigate away from the album (quick enough to avoid a lock up), the app loads the homepage and locks up. If I restart the app it’s now fine.

14:08 is the timestamp for the most recent crash.

Hello @crowlem !

I’m sorry you experience this issue, but I’m eager to help.

I tried to reproduce this issue on my end with both Tidal and Qobuz versions and everything works fine for me.

Could you please try to remove that album from your library, add it again and perform a new sync in your core?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

I actually have a local copy too. I tried disabling Tidal and Qobuz and it still crashes just with the local copy.

Crash at 17:23

I removed the album from Tidal and synced again, it still crashes.

Can you please specify the device where you get crashes so that I can initiate a remote diagnostics session?


Sure, sorry.

On android, haven’t tested on my iPad.

So your local file could be corrupted ? Check the local copy folder on your drive for unknown files.

Plays just fine on Arc.

Crashed on a different album, also have a local copy.

Everything Everything - Raw Data Feel

Timestamp: 20:06, Android

Another one:

Paraanoul - To see the next part of the dream


Also local copy + Tidal

Another example:

Mxmtoon - dusk


Also library copy, Android

Just tested on my iPad, not affected. Looks like it’s android only on certain albums that have both streaming and local copies.

Try turning off Wikipedia and TiVo under:

Settings → General → Editorial Sources.

You lose artist and recording info, but your remote won’t freeze.

This worked, thanks !

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Still crashes on the latest build