Roon Remote + Devialet AIR


I’m currently testing using Roon Remote using Devialet AIR streaming to my Devialet. May I know what is the bitrates being streamed using AIR?

I click on the signal chain dot and stated it is RoonSpeakers Streaming.

Hi @hk6230!

RoonSpeakers can stream content in a variety of bitrates, and generally speaking, you shouldn’t have issues using Exclusive mode to get bit perfect output to DACs and other hardware.

That said, we have not tested every virtual soundcard in the world, and this includes Devialet’s AIR streaming. We’ve talked with Devialet and look forward to working with them more in the future, but for now RoonSpeakers simply hands off the audio. We don’t have a lot visibility into how what bitrate AIR is streaming from that point.

If you have more questions about what bitrates AIR streams at, I encourage you to raise this with Devialet and let us know what you hear back. Definitely let them know if you’re interested in seeing tighter integration between Roon and Devialet, too!

Thanks for the question @hk6230!

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Just tested again on Roon 1b16, still can’t use Exclusive Mode for Devialet AIR audio output. Without Exclusive mode, audio signal will be converted to OS Mixer which I assumed will be of lower quality bitrates. May I know if Roon will support Exclusive mode for Devialet AIR in the near future?


Hello Gary,

Can you share your AIR settings ?
My RoonServer is on MacBook.
Roon Remote on iPad.
I have currently enabled Exclusive Mode enabled on RoonServer.

Roon on Mac cannot support Exclusive mode to achieve bit-perfect playback for now.

I put this question in both the places. Roon and Devialetchat.

Thank you Gary. Same advice i received on Devialetchat yesterday and your response there win10 on NUC.

Hello Roon-Architects : Looks like this is clear now regarding AIR on Mac-OS Vs Win-10 OS.

Devialet AIR works without Exclusive mode on Mac-OS but works in Exclusive mode on Win-10 OS. Can this be fixed ?

Hi @Jnan_Devi_Roon, as posted over at Devialetchat, Roon have said that they need cooperation from Devialet to try and fix this (since AIR is proprietary) as well as some hardware to test. As far as I know, neither have been forthcoming. I’d suggest asking Devialet to help out here, ideally via the ‘roon tested’ program, and then the RoonReady program, but failing this (or in the meantime), get one of their software engineers to contact Roon and offer up some help!

If Roon haven’t done it for a while, it might be worth them pushing a bit from their direction too, as us Devialet owners have sent quite a bit of ‘Roon’ related traffic to Devialet’s ‘customer support’ recently.


Hi Steve - I just sent one more from my mail box to Devialet to change their attitude from closed door to open door and would expect them not to send political answers but put their best foot forward etc. Hope they make effort to turn their eye sight little bit towards Roon to help us.

I missed this sentence.
“If Roon haven’t done it for a while, it might be worth them pushing a bit from their direction too”

Dear Roon Architects, it can you try to open channel again with Devialet.

Can I say I really admire the fact they still speak about Devialet Customer Support ?

I have rebranded them to Devialet Customer Frustration Desk.

Every time I ask something about Air on Windows, I receive a standard reply : Air is not supported on Windows 10 so you should downgrade to Windows 8.
Perhaps acceptable in September 2015 but not in April 2016.

Compared to the excellent Roon support and feature development transparency …

Regardless what they said or claimed, AIR 2.1.3 is working well on Win10, in my setup.

I have still the hiccups after about 30 minutes of playing (like lots of people) and they wont lift a finger to help.

AIR3 beta