Roon remote does not work when connected ultrarendu

Roon remote works on android smartphone perfectly. When I connect the ultraRendu, the remote application shows an error and the connection is not restored. This error happens all the time… If the Rendu is not connected, everything works fine. Also Renda on the bridge connection-works fine.
What to do to earned roon remote simultaneously with Rendu?

I found the cause of the problem myself. The problem is the ip of the bridge of the Rendu coincided with the ip of the smartphone. ip bridge Rendu were not visible on the router. The ip of the bridge is visible only in the settings of the MacBook. I didn’t immediately guess. I made another permanent ip address for the bridge and the problem was gone.

Are you assigning fixed ip addresses that are in the router dhcp pool? If so you will hit this problem again in the future.