Roon Remote/Endpoint, Apple iPad and Chord Mojo

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Anybody have Roon as the Remote/Endpoint on their iPhone or iPad with the Chord Mojo; are you able to get Roon to recognize the Mojo, specifically, or is it just coming up as “Apple iPad USB Output?”

On my PC, it instantly recognizes the device via USB as a Chord Mojo and Roon applies the right settings and also the Zone Icon is a Mojo icon. I would like Roon to recognize it the same way through the iPad, but can’t figure out how. Any advice?

I really love having the Chord Mojo Zone Icon instead of the Tablet icon, as well as seeing the output device as the Mojo DAC in lieu of the Ipad!

Yes, Mojo and iPhone or iPad work well together, but I find that you need to use the official camera adaptor cable for reliably. I now have a Poly so don’t use a direct connection.

But note that Roon will not see the Mojo only the iOS device (because it is connected via proprietary Lightning interface not USB.) However, you will get bit perfect output to the Mojo (albeit system sounds such as notifications will interrupt playback if enabled.)


Thanks for the insight, definitely hit on every question I had. Unfortunate that it won’t recognize it as a Mojo, but great news that it is still feeding the Mojo with a bit perfect signal. Thanks!

you can pick the mojo from “identify this device” in the device settings…

iOS does not let us get the USB vendor/model ids from the device.



I have the same issue. I just have iPhone in the device settings and I am unable to use the « identify the device » option because there is no the link.

Something has changed in the latest Roon releases ?

That’s what is to be expected and what I said in my earlier post. Roon can only “see” up to the endpoint which in this scenario is the iPad/ iPhone. But the Mojo will work fine. You can test this by trying files with different sample rates and seeing the the corresponding colours on the Mojo.

I replied to the Danny’s post about the « identify this device tip ».
But I agree. It works fine.

However if I want to be precise, it still have an issue. It’s not possible to play 32bits file. But maybe it’s just an iPhone limitation.

Yes, but Danny’s post also makes it clear that the iPhone won’t provide USB device information. Therefore you won’t see the identify device link on iOS devices.

You have 32-bit audio files? What would the point of this be for playback?

I didn’t understand that. For me it was a solution because iPhone doesn’t provide device information.

About the 32bits file, I don’t have but I like to have things configured right.
And it can be useful when you use some filters working at 32 bits.