Roon Remote finds core, but does not sync

Roon Core Machine

I have a MAC 3 GHz -6 core i5 OS 13 and iPhone 14 pro max with iOS 16.1.1. Both are on my home Wifi.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Motorola 16x4 cable modem plus AC1900 router. No VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

No other devices. The Mac and Key speakers are hardwired.

Number of Tracks in Library

Not sure. I have 96 imported tracks, but thousands of tracks in playlists and albums all from streaming services

Description of Issue

Roon Remote sees the core and updates with recent albums I have listened to, but when I play something on the core, it does not show on the remote. i.e. the current song playing does not show on the remote and I can’t pause or change songs. I have read the topics on this already and tried everything suggested - “forget network” on both phone and Mac, restarted router, restarted the computer and phone, deleted and reinstalled remote and core, verified that both are on the same network and using the same subnet mask. I have Arc and it works fine.

@Dawn_Vidoni, based on what you posted, I am assuming your Roon Core is your Mac. When you note

have you selected on your iPhone Remote the correct zone to which the Core is playing (assuming the Core is not playing to the iPhone Remote itself)?

Can you post any screenshots of what you are experiencing to provide additional guidance to the Community on how we may be able to assist you?

Correct the iMac is the core and roon remote is on my iPhone. The screen shot on top shows Susan Tedeschi on the left (my iPhone/remote). But what is playing is what is on the right (Modern electric blues).

For the screenshot on the bottom, I opened and started playing White Trash Revelry on my Mac (photo on the right). The phone (remote) show that I recently used the album, but it still shows Tedeschi Trucks as playing, even though it isn’t. (Although all the screenshots are currently paused, hitting play does not change anything).

Hi @Dawn_Vidoni,

This looks like what I would expect to see if you were playing 2 different artists to 2 different zones.

When you tap the speaker icon directly to the right of Susan’s name, what does it say the zone name is? What are the other options there?


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Oh my gosh, you’re totally right!!! I thought I had checked that. Thank you! So much aggravation and such a simple solution!

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Hey, at least we didn’t have you renaming folders, reinstalling software, and replacing hardware!

Enjoy the music, @Dawn_Vidoni.


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In the end, it’s kind of nice to realize the problem is your own stupidity! Thank you so much for helping me see the light!


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