Roon remote flashing and resetting after switching back from another app, on iPad

I had read an article on the web that mentioned several interesting albums, and on the iPad switched back and forth between Roon and Safari to search for them in Tidal and add them to the library.

When I come back to Roon, I noticed more detail about a longstanding behavior: when I come back to Roon it flashes the screen. Always did. But now I noticed that the display comes up correctly and is active, I can enter one or two characters in the search box, and then it flashes and comes back to the same screen, and the search box is empty. On a fast iPad there isn’t time to notice, but on a slower Mini I could see it.

Figured this might be helpful in debugging: it isn’t just a repaint, it’s a more fundamental reset.

@danny This is what I was alluding to elsewhere. “The iPad app should perform a reconnect to the server under the hood without refreshing the display”

I agree. This is annoying to solve (because of how iOS’s backgrounding mechanism works), but it’s an annoying wart.