Roon Remote for Android does not start

I run Android 7.1.1 (official Beta program) on my Nexus 5X. When I start Roon Remote I see the black screen with the white Roon logo, but then the app disappears. When I use the task switcher, I see that the Roon windows is still here, but when I try to select it, I get the same effect again. When I uninstall the App and reinstall it again, Roon Remote will start and work one single time. After closing the app, it will not start again, until I de-install it. Deleting cache and data does not help.

I have nexus 6p just updated to 7.1.1 official release today. I am having the same problem. Roon logo shows but then crashes out. Can someone please advise? Thanks

I still have the same problem on my Nexus 5X on Android 7.1.1
The only thing you can do is to uninstall the Roon App and then re-install it. The problem is: The App will start exactly one single time. After closing the app, it will crash again until you re-install new. Nobody cares about it. As you can see, my case is one month open, but not a single reply. Not even a question or the possibility to send logs to fix the problem. Really a shame for a paying customer, not getting any support here.

I found this thread where it is discussed in more detail:

7.1.1. thread

Looks like we may have a fix in v1.3 which hopefully will be released very soon… :slight_smile: