Roon Remote for iPad (Build 57) Released!

Hey all!

After an excruciating wait, a new version of Roon Remote for iPad has finally gone live in the App Store!

Build 57 brings a number of new features from our last desktop release to iOS, and addresses a number of issues related to the display of non-roman characters on iOS.

Thanks everyone!

Roon Remote for iPad (Build 57) Release Notes

Build 57 is functionally identical to Build 55 on OSX and Windows. It is available now from the App Store

New Features for Roon Remote on iOS:

  • Select All is available from the command bar on various browsers and detail screens
  • Play From Here is available from the command bar when selecting a track on album details
  • History now supports the deletion of plays
  • The Tidal browser’s Refresh button now syncs your Tidal favorites, in addition to refreshing Tidal editorial content

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved support for non-roman characters on iOS

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