Roon Remote for Roku

Hello Roon Team, is there an opportunity to explore building Roon Remote software for Roku to create more seamless controls through the TV? This will allow us to leverage TV as a GUI while still routing signal through DSP to output MQA. Thank you.

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I am quite familiar with the roku remote API. I am not sure how this would work. roku/TCL etc TVs have a network api to which you can send remote key presses so I don’t see how a roku TV would send commands to Roon.

Also the deep harmony extension implements a roku emulator to allow the harmony remote top control Roon, but this does not integrate with a roku TV in anyway, nor can it.

@Mods - this probably belongs in tinkering.

Thanks @Adam_Goodfellow for the quick reply on this. I was just thinking out loud here, as I think of AppleTV and Roku having apps for Tidal, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, etc… with control. Understanding that the AppleTV or Roku App would not serve as an endpoint, my goal was to use it as a remote so that I could essentially control my endpoint from it from an 84" tv screen vs. my in-wall iPad or laptop. I think I understand your response, but perhaps this clarifies my idea further. Thanks again for your thoughts.

I would LOVE this as well. While many like swiping and tapping from smart phones and tablets that they keep nearby, I would much prefer a simple lightweight Roku remote control that doesn’t need to be recharged each day to be able to control my music and select it from a large TV display.