Roon Remote Full Screen Mode for Android Tablet and Desktop Mode (Samsung DeX) Mobile Phone

Just like iPad do, Thank You

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+1 for that.

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What I’d see as ideal is connecting my Samsung table to my big screen TV via USB-=C cable to HDMI which activates Samsung DEX and having Roon fill the screen. I’d look to control Roon using BT keyboard and mouse.

Updated Android Roon now supported full screen in DeX mode! Try it out

Thanks Cheung_Hon_Wah but it doesn’t work for me. Tried with both my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Cable I’m using is the Samsung USB-C to HDMI cable. Are there any tricks to getting the Roon app to display in full screen? Something I need to change in settings?


I didn’t touch anything, maybe try to uninstall and reinstall the app

Woohoo, got it working. Used the Dex Labs function…forces full screen for apps. Works for Roon.

Thanks for your help Cheung_Hon_Wah

That’s great! Enjoy!

Nope, seems I spoke too soon :frowning: Works in in full screen but I can’t scroll through the lyrics or bio with my mouse.

Is there any resolution to this issue?
I’m controlling Roon with my Samsung S20/DEX and have no scrolling via the trackpad of my MS keyboard. The trackpad works fine as a pointer in Roon, just no scrolling.

Trackpad scrolling works fine with internet and other apps using this setup, so the problem appears to be with Roon.