Roon Remote hanging on iPhone 7

Been using Roon for a few months now. All’s well, except for persistent random hangs of the iOS Roon Remote UI.

Symptom: I try any touch operation (search, scroll, play, pause, etc.) and Roon Remote fails to respond. Playback continues.

Workaround: Exit Roon Remote (swipe upward) and restart.

My guess: You’ve heard from others about this behavior and eliminating it may be difficult or impossible for any of a number of reasons.

What’s the story?


As reference, I also frequently use an iPhone 7 for roon control, but have not had any crashes or hangs.

Is it happening under specific circumstances?

As it happens, I have the same problem on an ancient iPhone 5, but with the latest iOS 12. Perhaps there’s something in the iOS causing this?

I should have added the iOS version I’m on. It’s 12.0.1.

A bug in iOS is certainly a possibility, but not the first possibility an experienced developer would consider. To identify an OS bug we’d need to rule out a bug in the app through focused testing. Roon might have done that investigation, but without asking we can’t know.

I’d recommend posting this to the support board with as much detail as you can provide about your hardware, OS versions, and if any patterns have been noticed when you get a hang (is it always on the queue screen, the album screen, after a certain length of usage, etc.

Good luck!