Roon remote in virtualbox

Hello all,
I’m using roon for the last three years now, and I’m very happy with it.
Well almost, I find using a tablet to control roon not so convenient. It did fine for a long time, but I’ve had it.
So I gave wine another try, first with the script from Harry, but that didn’t work out well, most likely my bad.
So this is what I tried. I have a laptop on which I recently installed debian 11. I googled a bit around and found an easy way to install wine version 7.(install the repo, actually, then do apt install)
I’ve downloaded the RoonInstaller executable and installed it by using “wine64 RoonInstaller.exe” Just needed to modify the windows version from 7 to 10 with winecfg.
And then I just launched wine64 Roon.exe(its under .wine/drive_c/users/username/AppData/Local/Roon/Application/Roon.exe in your home directory)
And that works just fine, all the time, it is high on cpu load, and makes the fan of the laptop spin up. But if you’re listening to music and turn the volume just a bit up, it doesn’t bother me.
Until recently…
So since I have a beefy pc tucked away in the garage (amd ryzen 9, nvram disk, 32GB ram) that is already running a firewall and Rock in vbox machines with dedicated network ports, I thought to give the above a try but in a virtual machine. Guess what? Yeah, works like a charm. So now i connect from any pc/laptop running linux with ssh to the virtual machine, start wine64 roon.exe and enjoy a nice working remote, without any noise from the machine I’m on. Now the fans of the pc in the garage spin up, not al lot though, but thats out of my hearing range.