Roon Remote keeps losing the connection to Nucleus

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I have had a Nucleus since Saturday, it was previously connected to the Mac with Roon.
There are no music dropouts, everything stays fine except Roon Remote keeps losing the connection, the message flashes for a second or two then everything is fine again for a while until he loses the connection again.

LAN connection is okay.

Sorry for the trouble, @Dieter_Schaaf. Are you able to reach the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

Yes i can.

What can i do?

I regularly lose roon remote connections on my iOS devices. Very frustrating. Any ideas how to resolve are welcome

Screenshot from MacBook

Could it be because the nucleus gets too warm and the problem then occurs?
I turned it off the evening before yesterday and only switched it on before use, no problems last night.
Not turned off last night, this problem persists today.

sorry dylan, but what should your posting be?
since the support is speechless, always almost 48 hours without feedback, annoying.

Hallo Support

Hi @Dieter_Schaaf, I’ve enabled diagnostics so I can take a look at what’s happening here. I’ll follow up as soon as I have more info here. Apologies for the trouble!

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Thank you Dylan. :raising_hand_man:t2:

no change so far.

Hi @Dieter_Schaaf, thanks for your patience over the weekend. Unfortunately, despite trying a few times, your Nucleus has not been reachable through our diagnostics tools. I’m hoping you can follow these steps to send us logs so I can take a look that way:

Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service).

Don‘t find smb://NUCLEUS/Data

Hi @Dieter_Schaaf, okay I was able to finally get a connection with our diagnostics tools and I took a look at the diagnostics report. The good news is that I’m not seeing any hardware or database problems. There are a lot of networking errors though. Some DNS errors, and other more general networking problems.

I’d start by maybe trying to reboot all of your networking gear, and maybe change the Ethernet cable your Nucleus is using.

I’d also recommend changing the DNS that your router is using.

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Thank you Dylan!! :+1:
Will See. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yesterday evening: no Problems
Today: new Ethernetcable, cat8.

Will See :shushing_face:

Thanks for the update! Hoping that things continue working for you :crossed_fingers: Any changes, just let me know.

yesterday two short connection losses. around 9 p.m., after that everything is okay again.

Protocol from FRITZ!Box: