Roon Remote - No Audio For Android 12 Beta (Pixel 4)

Core Machine
Linux 5.4.0-72-generic, Roon Core 1.8 (build795) stable

Network Details
Orbi RBR50, ethernet

Audio Devices
Pixel 4 - Android 12 SPB1.210331.013 (1st public beta), Roon 1.8 (build 795) stable

Library Size
56808 tracks

Description of Issue
Was running Roon Remote on Pixel 4 with Android 11 without issue.

I upgraded Android 11 to the Android 12 public beta and was no longer able to select my Pixel for audio playback.

In Roon Remote Settings > Audio, there is not an option to enable playback for the device.

Roon Remote on the Pixel otherwise continues to work as expected. It connects to the Core, I can change the available endpoints and control the audio as expected.

Same over here… Although I had the issue also before switching to V12. Pixel 4a

Hello @Christopher_Bellevie,

Thank you for taking a moment to let us know of this change - it is much appreciated. I am only sorry we took this long to react :pleading_face:

If I understand correctly, while you can use the Pixel 4 as a remote, you cannot use it as an output when making that selection from the device itself.

If yo go to the Zone Picker, do you see the device there as an active zone?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi -

No, the Pixel is no longer available in the zone picker and going to Settings > Audio, there is no listing for the Pixel among all the other devices connected on the network.

Otherwise, the Pixel still works as a remote for all my other connected devices.

I actually just finished installing a new update to the Android beta and Roon is working again for me on my Pixel, playing audio as expected and can be selected in zone picker.

Looks like the Android build is SPB2.210513.007.

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Hey @Christopher_Bellevie,

Thank you so much for replying so quickly and following up on your post :pray: . Your update will be so helpful for the rest of the Roon community.

I am thankful that you continued your effort to find a solution :nerd_face: