Roon Remote No More Compatible With Fiio X5ii

Older threads suggest that I should be able to install Roon Remote on my Fiio X5iii. However, the app does not show up in the Google store when launched from the device, and when I visit the app page and check on which devices I can install it, it says “This item is not compatible with your device”. I have the latest version of the firmware installed on my Fiio.

Am I out of luck here, or are there some settings I need to change to be able to install it?

Since the FiiO stuff doesn’t do Google Play Services (including the Store), and is instead their own app manager sideloading stuff, I think you need to take this up with FiiO.

It is not compatible with Roon because the ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU on the Rockchip RK3188 SoC supports only OpenGL ES2.0 but OpenGLES 3.0 or higher is needed.

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