Roon Remote not available for this device

Roon Core Machine

The core is fine. I can reach it with the iPhone. Windows laptop cannot download Roon Remote.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Whole house wi-fi - works great.

Connected Audio Devices

All of the above

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Can’t get the Roon Remote.

You probably need to give more information so someone can help you. Did you install your Roon core on some other device and you now want to use your Windows laptop as a control device? Did you install the full Roon software program on your laptop or just Roon Server? You need the full program.

Insstalled Roon core on my PC, Roon Remote not available for my laptop. Works fine on iPhone. I wonder if I can download Chromecast Built-in on the laptop to make it work the same way it does on the phone.

The full Roon program installed on your PC will give you the core as well as the control program. That is all you need. Exactly, what did you install? Go to the link I provided above and install the Roon program for Window that contains all three elements.

What version of Windows is it running?
Please describe the step you take to download and at which point does it fail?
Screenshots help, take them and post if you can.

I got it! I don’t really know how, but… I tried to download the Roon Remote again to take a screenshot, but I got diverted to the “Downloads for PC” and found myself downloading the RAAT app. I don"t know why, but it came through and let me use the remote app and the core stayed where it belonged on the PC.
I am still not too sure about Roon. First complaint is it doesn’t want to let me set the receiver in any mode but stereo and all channel stereo - no surround modes, like Dolby Surround, THX, Studio Mix etc. Secondly, it takes all of my music and rearranges it into folders I did not set up. I can’t find anything.

How many times did I tell you what you needed to do?

Not counting, but I didn’t get in by following your instructions, I got in by accident. The program seems to have a mind of its own. I clicked “downloads for PC” and it handed me the RAAT download. I didn’t want that, but I said what the hell, and it worked. At least something downloaded to the laptop!

You still don’t understand the Roon software. There is no Roon remote app for a computer. The Roon Remote app applies to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. It is downloadable from their app stores or from Roon downloads.

The Roon software can be downloaded from the Roon downloads link I gave you. If you just want to run the Roon core, you download the Roon Server software. If you want to run the Roon core in addition to using your computer as a Roon control and/or playback device, you download Roon for Windows or MacOS.

Roon RAAT is the protocol Roon uses to send music from your Roon core to your Roon end-point via ethernet or WIFI. It is included in the Roon software. Roon would not work without it.

However, by clicking download for PC, I believe you got the full Roon software for your PC and you should be good to go.

It doesn’t touch the folders and files on your hard disk at all.
It does read the file tags from these files and shows the albums, artists, etc, in the respective views like My Albums and My Artists. See the side bar on the left.

There is no browsing through your hard disk folders in Roon, it is all based on metadata.

What do you mean exactly? Screenshots help

Maybe start by reading the link in @Jim_F’s above post, and then this

I am a recording engineer among other things. My files and folders have no commercial metadata from the internet. I organize all of my work in folders that are labeled by me with names that no one else would be able to grab from the published media world.
Furthermore, I record in surround using an MS mike system, and the Roon doesn’t seem to be able to let my receiver set the surround modes for output. I see no reason why that would be - all Roon has to deal with are the two channels. The receiver converts them to Dolby Surround etc. Anyone else experience this?

Your Roon experience is likely to be more challenging than most, unfortunately. Roon expects / prefers folders to be organised in a typical Artist / Album folder structure, and is optimised first to identify published recordings and then pull in all the metadata, linked artists, producers, engineers etc. It doesn’t create new folders but likely won’t recognise CDs or works in folders that are unique to your own structure.

I have a lot of personal recordings from tapes, LPs and radio concerts - typically they won’t be recognised but can be found and played by following the Artist / Album folder structure. Worth noting that Roon have made a strategic decision not to allow users to navigate using their own unique folder structures - so if that’s super-important to you, then you may want to consider alternatives.

Re surround, I have mixed experiences. My 5.1 FLAC files play fine via an HDMI connection to an Oppo 203. However, any files played via ethernet or optical connections only play as Stereo - HDMI is the only multi-channel connection available, AFAIK. I am somewhat old school with surround music, so still have to manually select my chosen surround mode - your experience may be different.

I will give you the same advice as I have received from this Community in the past. Roon is a great tool for managing and playing a large music library, if you are comfortable following the advice on the Roon Knowledge Base. It’s also a great way of discovering connections and new music. As you get more comfortable with the software, you will be in a better position to decide whether it meets your own needs.

Maybe Roon is not for you. It is for over 250,000 customers, but not for some others.

Thank you very much for your gracious and informative reply. It’s looking like the only use I might have for Roon would be playing commercial albums in stereo - maybe in higher quality than Bluetooth, but for that purpose the bitperfect quality isn’t that important. The main reason I had to try it was that Pioneer stopped supporting their Network Audio Player N-50, so I had no more ability to control it remotely. That thing was great as long as it worked, because I could see all of my stuff that was on the PC and ONLY my stuff, in my folders.
One question - does Roon find albums and artists that I do not own like Spotify?
But the lack of surround settings on the receiver is a definite kill factor. I listen to everything in surround, and I am not talking about 5.1 or SACD, just two channel. So Roon, what is it about your streamer that keeps my receiver from going into Dolby Surround?

That is a standalone hardware component streamer. Yeah, that idea seemed great 7-10 years ago, though now is outdated. But as long as the component is still operational, it should continue to work for a long time. How has Pioneer ceased “supporting” it?

Roon is not. Roon has no means of controlling your AVR. Unless it is one of the rare few Roon Ready AVRs. But that seems unlikely.

You have been standoffish and recalcitrant about describing what actual computers, audio components, and connections you are utilizing. Until you do that, nobody really can help you.


The thing is, with the exception of multi-CD albums, Roon does not care about your folder structure at all. You can use whatever you want, but it will also have no effect on how Roon displays things. What Roon does care about is metadata. This does not necessarily have to come from online sources, file tags are fine. However, unless you have that metadata along the lines of artist / album / track name / track number / composer / date, Roon will be a pain in your behind.

Thanks to you Suedkiez for all your help. I am going to quit Roon and try the WiiM Pro, which may be able to play to my receiver in a file type that enables my surround modes. I may also be able to use the JRiver program on my computer with WiiM’s DLNA capability. No way to know until I try it! If it doesn’t work, I will return it and just Bluetooth my files out of the laptop and into my receiver. But it sure does seem that the hardware route will work better at controlling everything than just Roon on the PC.