Roon Remote not compatible with iPhone 5S? [Solved: iPhone 5, not 5S]

I have downloaded Roon Core onto my iMac and it is working fine. I am trying to install the Roon Remote on my iPhone 5S. When I select the Install button I get the message: ‘Cannot download - This app is not compatible with your device’ in spite of the fact that the iPhone 5S is on the compatible list.

I am using an iPhone 5S (Model ME486LL/A) running iOS 10.2.1. Am I missing something important (wouldn’t be the first time)?

ME486LL/A Is not an iPhone 5S, but an iPhone 5 – which is 32-bit and not compatible with Roon, alas.

Thank you for solving the mystery - even if the news is not good.

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