Roon Remote not loading on Android 5.11 box

I have been having a issue after downloading the Roon Remote.
I have an Android box running Android 5.11 and the old Roon remote worked fine with it.
I have updated it and now the Roon remote will not load at all and crashes.
I was wondering if anyone else had been having this issue.

Does your device support the now required OpenGL ES 3.0?

I am not sure as it a box that’s a few years old, not even sure where I would look to find out or even if I can download it to the box

Different OpenGL levels are features of the integrated graphics adapter. Your device either supports a given level or not; there is nothing to download here. If it doesn’t support OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher you’re device is not able to run Roon Remote 1.7.

You can search the internet for information about the capabilities of the graphics adapter in your device (search term: ModelOfYourDevice OpenGL).

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Ok cheers for the heads up will have a look at that if not, it will be upgrade time!!

Did the check and mine runs opengl es 2 so it’s a no go for roon on the TV at present.