Roon remote not locking in the core

Thank you . I been a subscriber for the past two years ; I got issues in locking in to my remote core sitting on Roon nucleus ( first generation) after assisting my friend who is a Roon subscriber on my Mac book 10.15.4 Mac OS Catalina to reset his Roon nucleus+ as he got problem locking in to . After that when I came back to my set up …I cannot lock in to my Roon core. I try reinstalling Roon twice , switch off the router and modem a few times and also rebooting my Roon core at the Roon nucleus but still cannot do it . My firewall is off too

Hello @Dr_Paris_Ng_Kwok_Chy,

What kind of Roon Remote are you trying to connect to your Nucleus, is it the Macbook you mentioned?

What is the model/manufacturer of the router you’re using? Is the Nucleus plugged in directly to the router or are you using any switches/powerline/range extenders in between?

When you say that you have issues “locking in” the core, what are the exact symptoms you’re seeing? Does the Nucleus fail to appear at all on the “Choose your Core” screen? Do you see any error messages?

Hello Noris ; I manage to solve the above issue by connection it direct to the router directly without the switch; and resetting the Roon core. Thank you for the respond

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Happy to help, @Dr_Paris_Ng_Kwok_Chy!
Do let us know if you encounter any further issues.

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