Roon Remote not mirroring iMac

I have ROON on iMac, and want to use ROON Remote App on iPhone as a remote. I can hit play on iPhone, music plays, but not from the output I use on iMac, which is what I want.

I just want to mirror my iMac and choose and play music and nothing else. When I hit play on iPhone I just want iMac to show the album I play. iPhone lets me choose music that comes playing from my iMac, but not with the output I chose (In this case Dirac), only System Output .

What am I doing wrong?

Best KnockKnock

Thanks for reaching out @KnockKnock!

So we can gain some additional insight into what you may be experiencing may I ask that you please verify the following:

  • What is the Dirac device you’re wanting to play to? How is it connected? How does this show on the Mac?
  • Can you share a screenshot of what you see on the iPhone when you go to Zone picker? You can find the Zone picker by selecting the audio icon in the lower right and selecting Switch Zone.
  • Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you go to Settings > Audio?


Dirac is my Room correction software, connected inside my Mac

Cannot find Zone picker anywhere on iPhone

Settings Audio, in iMac or iPhone?

Thanks @KnockKnock,

Can you share the settings in both the iMac and iPhone so I can see how they’re different?

On the iPhone do you see the audio icon on the bottom right? When you tap that, you should see an option for Switch Zone. See screenshot below:

Can you confirm if you are seeing similar options? If not can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?


I see this:

Is Roon remote not just a remote? Or am I missing something?

I just wanna control Play/Pause and select songs, nothing fancy

best KnockKnock

Thanks for the screenshots, @KnockKnock!

The symbol next to the Dirac zone means that it is currently set as a Private Zone. Go to Settings > Audio and select Device Setup for the Dirac zone and you should see an option called Private Zone. Change this to No and you should be able to control it from your remote.


Ha you guys rock! Thnx

Another quickie:

When I highlight a new track on iMac and play it, it shows immediately on I phone - but not the other way round

I want to see the new track playing also on iMac when I choose it on iPhone. Possible?

Best KnockKnock