Roon Remote Not working properly on android 10

Details on your Core machine Details:

OS - Roon Rock
Hardware specs - Intel Frost Canyon i3-10110U, WD green 240gb ssd M.2 Sata and Crucial 2 x 4gb DDR4 2400M/Ts Ram

Roon build:

Serial #1C697A640AAB
Operating System: Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

Roon Database & Settings: 99% of 218 GB available.

Details on your Remote(s)

OS: Roon Version 1.7 build 610 stable
Hardware specs: Huawei mate 20 pro Android 10 ( C432E7R1P5)
Roon build: 610

OS: Roon Version 1.7 build 610 stable
Hardware specs: Iphone SE 2020 13.5.1
Roon build: 610

Networking details: Virgin Media Broadband in Gateway only mode, CISCO 3560X 48 Port switch L2 and no vlans or acls. Provides basic switching connectivity. WiFi running tenda Nova mesh 4 access points running gigabit ethernet backhaul to switch. One tenda in dhcp mode, providing dhcp leases. Leases running 12 hours with 6 hour 1/2 life renewal. WiFi running single SSID. Running NO LAN Firewall

All devices on a single segment

Roon Core is cabled into the switch. Currently


Huawei Mate 20 pro:
Formation Sub:
Formation Bar:
Formation Duo Left:
Formation Duo Right:

Audio devices in use: Bowers and Wilkins Formation Duo, Subwoofer and Soundbar. SONOS connect and Apple TV

Library details: Streaming Service via TIDAL

Current Issue: Roon remote not working properly on huawei mate 20 pro. I can get to the http browser from the phone, but regularly the remote looses connectivity to the core. It does not connect and i have to forget it and reboot the app, launch it again and wait a long time before it finds the roon core. Sometimes it just doesnt find it. Whilst it works well at the same time on the iphone.

Hi Roon;

Is there any updates on this issue?



Hi @Rishi_Patel — Sorry for the delay from the long weekend

If you enter the IP address directly into the remote when it is unable to be found are you able to connect?

Hi Dylan

No worries, yes i can connect to the roon core directly via http and it shows me all the services running.



Attached is screenshots

Hello @Rishi_Patel, and thanks for the screenshot! There’s actually an option to connect to the core via IP inside the Roon remote app. From where you are, if you choose the “Select a different core” option and click yes on the resulting screen, Roon will begin searching for cores on your network. If it’s unable to find one, tap the “help” option and you should have the ability to enter the core’s IP directly into the app. Please let us know if that gets things going again!

Hi Nuwriy

I have tried that too, it takes too long to connect. Sometimes i have to refresh and close the app multiple times before it finds the core again. As this is happening i can browse to the core via http and a browser. I can log onto roon core using another device an iphone.
It only doesn’t seem to connect from the android app, although another device has connectivity to the core and the device and ping and browse to the core.



Please note when connected the app works for a while and then stops and i have to struggle to get it to work again

I have attached screenshots showing the issue described above.

Hello @Rishi_Patel, on the screen where you enter the IP of the core in the Roon remote app, could you try entering and see if that works better?