Roon Remote on Android hangs in initialising


Recently I purchased a Roon streamer (Nucleus), lifetime subscription and got a Tidal subscription. I bought a Samsung 8" S2 as a controller (it runs Android 7).

Firmware Nucleus: 1.0 build158 stable.

The Roon Remote on the Samsung keeps initialising, sometimes more then once a day. It takes hours and obviously I cannot use the device, so I have to use my laptop with W10 which works fine.

I noticed this initialisation problem allready turned up in 2017 but it appears not to be solved. Could you please take swift action as this is completely ruining my confidence in your product.


It’s an ongoing, known issue with Android specifically.

Evand: even worse, one would expect Roon to act on the matter at hand.

I’m sure they are looking into it, there have not been many data points to help with diagnosis.

Hi @Raphael_Gallis ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

We have been tracking some more generalized Android + Linux issues for a while, and unfortunately we have not had a breakthrough but its not for lack of trying. Our tech team has spent many hours testing this in a variety of environments and configurations, but despite the team’s best efforts they are unable to reliable reproduce this issue in house. Moreover, roughly 70% of the Roon team runs android devices at home, and no one on the team has ever seen this issue occur. So as I am sure you can imagine trying to run down the cause of this behavior has been extremely challenging.

In light of the above, we have asked that any of users who are experiencing this issue to please fill out our data gathering the survey found here which we are using to obtain feedback on this issue which is being tracked in our system. At your earliest convenience if you could please do the same it would be greatly appreciated!