Roon remote on Android reporting it can't find the Roon Core

Hello, I am just trying to start with Android on my mobile Samsung S9 to read Qobuz via Roon.

My mobile is connected by a cable usb-C / RCA to the amplifier of my HIFi chain.

My mobile is working with Qobuz on a library of 250 cd imported on a micro sd card.

I am trying to start the application Roon I just loaded, but Roon is seeking in vain for my “Core Roon” server.

I suppose that my above configuration system does not apply…

Thank you for advice and help

It sound to me that you don’t have a Roon core setup? Roon does not run on your phone. Roon requires a central core running on a computer, android and iOS apps are remote controls for this and can act as endpoints. I suggest you read up on what Roon is and what it requires

In addition, if the music is purchased music from Qobuz, then Roon can see and play those files. However, if the files are not purchased but just downloaded for offline use by the Qobuz application, then Roon cannot see or play those files as they require the Qobuz app for decryption and licensing.

Thank you indeed for both pertinent replies, which reflect precisely my situation.
I was not aware from Qobuz of the need for a core on a computer, but it was then what I understood from Roon’s rejection.
And I use effectively Qobuz imported music on the app, not purchased one or streaming (to avoid wifi problems).
I use mobile and tablet but no computer and do not like to use a computer.
I read from Roon that the use of Android is still in its infancy…then I will give up for the time being and wait until the infant becomes adult.
Thanks again.

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