Roon Remote on IPad cannot find the Roon Core

Purchased and then installed April 26, 2022
Only used a few times before started not working. Still under warranty.
DAC: Topping
Integrated Amp: REGA Brio
Roon Nucleus Rev B v1.0
Router: NetGear Nighthawk 7000 (updated software)
Modem: NetGear CM700

*Roon Nucleus connected to router via Ethernet cord
*Remote access through IPad 7th generation; update operating system 15.4.1

Devices: At any given time we have 2 cellphones, 2 wireless computers, a printer and an iPad accounted for on the router.
I am new to audio music systems and not tech savvy at all but I try… have a friend who is well versed in components, systems, down to the minute details. He has had Roon for years. He set up my system for me once we had all the components on April 26. While everything seemed to be working correctly initially, the Roon has not been working as it should. We updated it upon receipt as it was a 1.0 v the new version 1.8. Things were wonderful for a day or two then I started to have problems. We followed the instructions for remote access upon setup using my iPad but since then have had connection problems. Have updated the router; the Roon is connected directly to it via Ethernet cable; can see all devices on the router/same network but it won’t connect via my iPad or iPhone. The remote devices cannot find the core. It won’t do any more updates due to connection issue. Timed out. My friend and I have done the routine trouble shooting; checked connections; settings on router/iPad (not using a computer/computer firewall issues), Router not set to “smart connect” networks 2.5 and 5g (one password gets on either one) and there is no guest network; have attempted to update the operating system (still showing v 1.0 on the Web OS interface page but won’t update; rebooting (modem, router, nucleus, IPad); tried several Ethernet cord changes including a brand new one by Netgear; deleted and downloaded the IPad Roon remote app several times; tried moving Ethernet to new port in the router to no avail. Nucleus shows connected to router. Nucleus lights on back were green and orange when connected to the Router via Ethernet (which was white on router like other connections and is orange when I disconnect).
The last time it worked it was working was just fine on the Roon App using Tidal then I searched for another album, selected it, hit play now on the app and it tried to play a ton of songs as the same time…no idea what happened and hasn’t worked or connect since. Remote cannot find the core yet the bottom of the page says “configure your nucleus” which takes me to the Web OS page for the core at the IP address I show it has. I cannot update the nucleus operating system, the Database and settings say “not ready” and there is no software server (not sure if that is applicable here). Saw these categories in the Roon labs conversations as to what is supposed to be there but mine does not show that nor the Ethernet information. Which (again am a novice) doesn’t make sense to me if I can see it on the router, the web IP addresses are essentially the same but for the last number on my devices and the Subnet same. Typing directly in the Roon nucleus IP address into the app to “find the core” didn’t work (and again it directs me to configure it at the bottom of the page identified by same IP address and takes me right to the OS page which is missing items above). IPad is on the 5g and “local network”, there is no VPN on the IPad and I tried turning off cellular data on that but didn’t make a difference.
I don’t think there is a firewall issue with my router and the nucleus showing up as a device on the router with other devices. Wireless laptops and printer use router just fine.
Attached a TV monitor and did diagnostic which showed Roon as “stable” and with same IP address I have seen on router. At one point during an attempt to update the database and settings the OS interface page window came up saying an IP address had changed and to go find it but for what I don’t know and am not seeing anything different or what I am looking for. IPad IP address has not changed.
I have spent quite a bit of time on the Roon lab boards to even know to check the items above. I have emailed Roon directly via their website by no response despite the first acknowledgment of receiving my email last Friday.
Any thoughts on what to try would be appreciated…

I’m not Roon Support, but I’ll ask one of the first questions…have you rebooted everything including your router and your Nucleus? Also, did you update your Nucleus to Build 943 that came out Tuesday? If so, make sure you go to the App Store and update your iPhone and iPad to Build 943. I would also try both 2.4ghz and 5ghz on your iPhone and iPad.

Thank you for your reply! I have robooted everything more than once but will try again and try to download the Build 943. We had to download to version 1.8 at the start and attempts to update the operating system through the Roon OS page failed…it would start and get a connection error or once I let my iphone roon remote go all night and still failed to update. Will double check for any IPad updates as well which I have been doing along the way.

Roon says its at 1.0 (Build 227) does that mean it failed to initially update? We had confirmed the update to 1.8 at the time of set up.

PS I have also tried the 2.4 ghz and 5ghz in the past.

Have you curated your Roon library or have you taken Roon Backups?

Will you lose anything if you reset your database?

Since you can get on the Nucleus GUI and if you won’t lose anything in your Roon library, try a database reset. Note that this will in effect delete anything you have done to the library, i.e. tags, playlists, etc…

Here is where things are:

Rebooted router
Rebooted Nucleus
Confirmed Ipad updated as to its version
Deleted and reinstalled Roon Remote app (is there another I am supposed to have?) Not sure how to update my iPad to Build 943 other than I reinstalled latest version which appears to be 1.8 from 2 days ago so should be good there?

iPad Roon Remote automatically comes up trying to Choose Roon Core and states configure the Roon devices on my network at the bottom of the page which connects me to the Roon device still showing version 1.0 Build 227; when I go in there operating system still showing 1.0 but “ok” and Roon Database & Settings “not ready” and nothing under Networking “Ethernet” and no Roon Server (not sure if I am supposed to have that).

I don’t see any other Nucleus interfaces to do updates or check settings.

Connected to Router via ethernet Netgear cable: Amber light solid on Nucleus, green blinking

Will try the usual reinstall of operating system and resetting the Roon Database and Settings but that has not worked in the past.

Why is nothing showing up under Ethernet on the Roon OS window? Router shows the device is on the network matching IP address as in the OS window/Remote iPad

This is how things have been since it stopped working.

I barely started building a library didn’t have a chance to back up but not worried about that or settings. Hard barely used it was just getting familiar with it.

In Nucleus GUI, are you using DHCP or did you set a static IP address?

In Roon can you click Settings - About and see if it gives you the option to update your Nucleus to Build 943?

When stating in Roon or Nucleus GUI do you mean the interface on Roon Remote? Its the only interface I have, am I missing something? I believe I am using the default DHCP. So new didn’t do anything to it. While I have read about static IP Address briefly per Roon it was not recommended?

Still trying to upload the Build but got error “something went wrong with the installation…please check internet connection and try again”.

However the update to datebase and settings on the Remote Roon app said “Success…settings and database have been reset successfully however it seems the IP address of your device has changes to you need to return to the Roon application to determine the new IP of this device”

I have had this message before but not sure what IP address changed (which device-Roon? It used to end in 1.7 now ends in 1.2 after router reboot today) but where am I to update this? In the Roon application on my iPad? Seems like I am missing something.

Not sure why having a “connection” issue…I am working wirelessly on a remote laptop, same router, at the other end of the house and using the cloud with no issues whatsoever. The Nucleus is directly wired to the router using new netgear ethernet cable.

Thank you for your input…

From my ROCK interface where I have DHCP set.

Some of your troubles could be symptoms of an address collision.

Your Nucleus is running your Roon core in a headless environment. You have to use a Roon control device to interact with the Nucleus. That control device can be a computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc. that has the Roon app installed. I use my Dell laptop 99 percent of the time, but many others use an iPad. I find an iPhone too small, but many prefer it. You can use one or the other or all of the above.

I am using the iPad with the Roon Remote app downloaded? Is there another Roon App I should be using? All connected to the router. Trying to keep it simple and at this point not add more devices that won’t work. I deleted my app from my iPhone in case that was competing with my iPad. Removed and updated the iPad app this morning and noted it reflects the 1.8 update of two days ago so should be correct.

I can see the same page as xxx above but missing Roon Server Software and nothing appears under Ethernet.

and upon set up on iPad we approved remote control of the Nucleus. And I don’t know what other interface I would check that out…

Post a screen print of the GUI, please.

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The fact that you don’t have something similar for entries under Networking that I do on my ROCK machine is troubling, to say the least. That’s probably at the root of your problem.

Maybe your Ethernet port on the Nucleus crapped out. Dunno. Let’s see what @support says.

You can always try one of these devices to see if the problem is with your port.

Agreed, seems to be the issue I just can’t figure it out or the remedy. Have also tried different ethernet ports and rebooting in the past and now new cord. I am learning as I go but this doesn’t make sense and spinning wheels…

Nucleus should look like this…

Yes, agreed but it doesn’t and I am not sure why…Have seen your screen several times in other conversations and noted I all along I was missing parts but I don’t know why…deleting app and rebooting Roon or iPad is not doing the trick.

Hi @S_W,

I’m very sorry to hear you’re experiencing connection problems with your Nucleus. Thank you for the precision and detail of your posts so far. We’ll just need a few more details about your networking situation, and the tech support team should be able to pinpoint what’s going wrong.

Are you by chance able to connect either computer or the printer directly to the NetGear Nighthawk 7000 router via Ethernet? I assume these devices work fine via wired connection on the router?

Build 227 refers to the current Nucleus firmware, rather than Roon itself (Build 943). The Nucleus would have automatically updated to the most recent build of Roon the last time it was able to successfully connect via Ethernet.

Was this particular crash on your iPad, or another Remote? It may help the tech support team to know which device you experienced the issue with.

Also, if possible, would you please post a picture of the screen visible when you connect the Nucleus to a display via HDMI?

Thank you for your patience. I know it’s disheartening to experience a prolonged connection issue across all your Remotes. We’ll investigate further as soon as my team has the above information.