Roon Remote on IPad cannot find the Roon Core

From your screenshot, it appears the Roon Database is not working and may need to be reset. Have you tried doing that?

Yes, Roon Database & Settings were updated and responses cataloged in this string above? Said updated successfully but then an issue with IP address so remain in the “not ready” status…

Hi @S_W,

Thank you for your patience so far.

Unfortunately, the screenshot of your Nucleus’ web administration suggests there’s a hardware issue with the unit. The next step is for our team to to inspect the unit on a bench at our repair facility.

I’ve just sent you a Private Message to follow up from here, since we’ll need to gather a few more details to begin this process. I would be more than happy to answer any questions over in that new thread.


Thank you for your questions. I was not able to respond until a 20 hour window had passed in this forum?

My laptop works just fine with direct ethernet connection to the router and using same ethernet cable was using with the Nucleus. Confirmed wireless network connection was turned off.

It crashed using the Roon Remote App on the iPad. I only incorporated the iPhone when I thought perhaps the iPad was the problem but it made no difference and the OS interface is the same on both.

I have been in constant communication with the supplier of the Nucleus and they are going to exchange the unit given the issues and attempts to remedy.

Hoping to stick with Roon!

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