Roon remote on iPhone will not connect to Nucleus

Was able to get Roon app on MacBook Pro to connect to my Qobuz and Tidal accounts via Nucleus
It is connected to DAC via USB cable.

Downloaded Roon app on iPhone but not able to use app as remote to control Nucleus.

Is there a more thorough manual somewhere?

If everything (Nucleus, iPhone, MacBook Pro) are connected to the same local area network, the Roon app on your iPhone should work very much the same as the Roon app on your MacBook Pro.

On both iPhone and MacBook Pro, under Settings => General, they should show connected to your Nucleus. Settings => Audio should show the same available outputs. What do you see under those two settings?

There are lots of resources to get you going, i.e. regarding getting Roon to run on all of your devices in Roon’s help center.

Thankyou, not able to see Nucleus under setting > General or setting >. Audio, nevertheless after abandoning effort last night this morning I am able to use iPhone as a remote :slight_smile: thankyou

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