Roon Remote on Mac Book PRO Touch Bar issues [Resolved]

Hello to everyone, new to roon, but very very happy.
I just set up my multi room system using a NUC as Core, 3 briges with PI3 and Ropieee , it was so easy.

I am a little bit disappointed because my remote on Mac Book PRO keep crashing during the usage, usually when the pc goes in standby, after the standby roon remote crashes

McOS 13-inch, 2016 Sierra 10.13.3

Anyone else with this problem?


No problems with my late 2016 MacBook Pro 15" (Sierra > High Sierra) or early 2011 MacBook Pro 13" (Sierra.) I run multiple zones, three are RPi/ Ropieee. Are you saying your Roon Core (PC?) goes into standby? If I lose connection with the core Roon Remote says “Lost Connection …”

Hi Martin, no the core is perfect, is the remote on my mac that keeps crashing…

I was trying to understand what you meant by this … what device is the PC?

Is a Macbook Pro 2016 with Sierra 10.13.3 no problems on remote installed on Android or Ipad.

Is it a TouchBar version? If so, check this out:

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Hi Martin yes it is, i think this will solve the problem, i will check this evening and i will let you know.

Just in case from terminal

defaults write 'com.roon.Roon' NSLayerPerformanceUpdates -bool YES

This evening will check this has solved the problem.
Thanks again Martin.


Thank you Martin, this solved the problem!

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