Roon remote on MacBook Air

Hi. When I open Roon on my MacBook Air to use it as a remote, it thinks I want to use it as a core and tells me I need a second authorisation. I click “oops, I meant to run as a remote control” but this just sends me to “choose your core”. When I click on Lampizator it goes back to the page saying I need a second authorisation!!

How do I tell it I want to use the Air only as a remote?


The remote needs to know which Core to connect to, so ‘choose your Core’ would be the correct option.

Is Lampizator the name of the core you want to use? If not and that’s the only option listed, then it seems like the remote can’t see the ‘correct’ core.

On the “choose your core” page it correctly shows my Lampi Superkomputer as “ready” with a green circle, so I press “connect”.

It then takes me to the authorisation page saying I need a new one. When I click “oops etc” it takes me back to the choose your page! And backwards and forwards. It also does precisely the same when I try to use my iPad as a remote.

This is getting really frustrating- can someone at Roon Support sort this out please?

Not sure if @Eric has seen this issue and may be able to comment or then get support involved…

Also - Did you EVER have Roon or RoonServer installed on any other computer???

NOTE: I have read that this has occur in earlier releases, but I thought it was addressed.

Meanwhile we’ll do our best to help…

So only one core shows up in the list?

You might want to have a read through this topic in case anything there helps.

Hi Steve

Well, I’ve managed to get started again by unauthorising my Lampi. It then shifted the core to my MB Air. I then unauthorised that and it gave me a choice of authorising the MBA or the Lampi. Chose Lampi and now it seems happy!!

Thanks for your support. I’ll let you know if it happens again!!!


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Hi @Philip_Cockbain ----- I just saw your PM to me and wanted to touch base here and see how things have been holding up since this most recent update. Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi Eric

Holding up fine so far! Thanks for your support and interest.


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Great news Philip ( @Philip_Cockbain)! Thank you for the feedback, happy listening!