Roon Remote on tablet and phone behaves differently

On the tablet, i can connect to Core via local wireles AP.
It works despite the fact, each time the app resumes, it stops working.

I just installed Remote app on my Nexus5 phone and it first complained that it must be on the same wifi network. Then, I managed to get Core to stop playing. The Core machine had to be rebooted.
So, my questions are:

  1. is there a way to restart Core without rebooting the machine?
  2. why does Remote on a tablet behave differently from a phone?
  3. wifi should not come into the equation here because all my devices are on LAN. That is how the tablet connects to Core, so why is Remote on the phone require “same” wifi network?

thank you for help…

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Hello @Hong_Son,

I am not sure I understand your questions here, do you mean to say that you were using your Nexus on 4G/LTE before turning on the WiFi? If that is the case then you will need to have the WiFi enabled to connect to the core since Roon operates on the local network. For your other questions:

  1. What kind of Core do you have? Simply restarting the Roon app should be sufficient in most cases. If you have a ROCK or Nucleus, then you can perform a reboot from the WebUI
  2. We have sometimes seen Android devices behave strangely with Linux based Cores. We are working on this issue but I cannot provide a timeframe of when it will be addressed at the moment.
  3. Unless your phone has a LAN connection and you have plugged it to a router or switch that resides on the same network then it will be unable to see your Core since you are using the 4G/LTE connection. Mobile access is on our roadmap but we do not have this feature available at the present time.

Hope this answers your questions but just let me know if you have any others!


as i stated, all my local devices are wired to the same LAN except for handhelds such as the phone and the tablet. those connect wirelessly to an AP on the LAN and Roon Remote works fine in that setup.
the trouble i reported on the android phone is answered by your response #2.

more troublesome is Remote (running on android tablet) constantly stops each time it is resumed.
it’s easy enough to click the popup message and Remote continues to work ok.

Hello @Hong_Son,

Thanks for letting me know that information. For my point #2, we are still working on addressing this issue, but we have found that disabling IGMP Snooping or IGMP Proxying on customer’s routers or managed switches has helped in the past. Can you please let me know if you have this option on your Router/AP/Switch and give it a try?


no such option on my linksys router.
i have cancelled my roon membership for now.
will re-evaluate next year…

Hi @Hong_Son,

Thanks for letting me know that info.
When you are ready to re-evaluate Roon in the future just let us know!

– Noris

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