Roon remote on Windows 10 become no response [Resolved]


My roon remote running on Windows 10 become no response after running over the night but the music is still playing.

My roon server running on Windows 10 is fine.

I need to close the roon remote and open back. What is the problem? Thank you.

Is your Roon Remote pc going to sleep and this is happening after it wakes up? What hardware is this running on specifically might help pinpoint some things to look at. Assume this is also on a Wi-Fi connection?


My power plan for roon remote pc is high performance and sleep function is disabled. Both server and remote pc are connected on wired network.

My remote pc is Intel i3 2120, 16gb ram, acer motherboard.

Perhaps more detailed info like graphics card and drivers might be pertinent too and is this a DIY machine? is the app just unresponsive to in the task manger is not responding also? Im sure the @support guys will want more details and see whats posted here

I found out my roon server is running on balance power mode and sleep timer set to 30 minutes. I set it to Power performance and sleep to disabled. Try monitor the stability first.

I also use multi ping command to monitor the network latency.

Its often easy to miss these things and be stumped by odd behaviour - glad you found something there to tweak and hope thats it sorted for you. You are not the first to find a sleeping issue on a server and I’m guessing you won’t be the last. :smiley:

Do respond with the results so we can update the topic to resolved or assist with other suggestions as needed.