Roon Remote poor GUI performance on some Android device, any advice?

I think Roon Remote performs less responsively(concerning touchscreen slide scroll on album view) than other app or native GUI, on both Android & iOS.

iOS performance is quite satisfying, suffer just a little loss comparing to native GUI.
Not the same case On Android though. Album view Slide scroll is sluggish, lack of responsiveness, album art constantly reloads which make the scrolling freezes like losing FPS in video gaming.

I’m not sure if all Android devices have the same issue because I only tested several Huawei phone & tablets.

Please share your experience if you’re using Roon Remote on Android.
I would also like to know if there’s any advice from developer. I’m about to make a decision to buy an ipad, or wait for possible app improvements on Android in the future.

Here’s a video recorded for your reference:
ROON Remote GUI touchscreen performance Android vs Apple device

Devices I tested:
Huawei P20
Huawei Mate 30
Huawei nova 7
Huawei Matepad (kirin820)
iphone 7 plus
ipad air3

Roon Remote version: 1.8 build 795 or 806, tested both.

I don’t have this issue with my Google Pixel. Maybe the GPU they use. I remember with 1.8 launch they had some issues with this make of Android remotes and it was some issue with the Mali GPU they use. They did fix what was causing the crashes but maybe this is related. I take you are on the latest builds of remote on all devices? I would raise s ticket in @support about this.

Thanks for your info. I also found some other post mention that generally Apple Device performs better, but some Samsung tablet users have good experience on Roon Remote.
Perhaps there’re just too many android devices of different hardware platforms for the developer to make comprehensive optimization.

Request for advice or info if there is any.

I have the exact same problem on my OnePlus Nord. Suger laggy album scrolling and a general lack of responsiveness. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, clearing the cache and changing DNS. I’ve also moved my core from Windows to Ubuntu in the mean time and I’m still facing this issue.

Somehow Roon runs much better on my older OnePlus 5T. Also Roon remote works perfectly on my Windows PC.

@tr991_zhuanjia did you ever find a fix for this issue?

I fixed it by buying an ipad mini5.
BTW this problem has nothing to do with Roon Core. You just need an Apple device as roon remote. Android has too many brands and hardware impossible for the developer to test every one of them.

Thanks for the quick reply.

That’s unfortunate, I like using my phone as remote and I’m not looking to switch to iOS. I suppose I’ll just hope it gets fixed in some update then.