Roon Remote (Preview) has been released for Android!

Roon Remote has been released for Android! You can download it here right now!

As of today, you can control Roon from your tablet running Android 4.4 or higher. We are calling this a preview release, but in most ways it’s fully functional, and matches the experience of using our remotes on desktop.

You’ll get the same immersive browsing and deep metadata you get in our desktop apps, and you’ll have full control over any Roon zones exposed on your network. You’ll also have a Private Zone right on your Android tablet, so grab your headphones and jump in!

We don’t recommend running our Android app on tablets smaller than 7 inches, and you’ll probably want 8" and up. Smaller tablets will be limited to landscape mode, and if you’re looking for a recommendation, a number of us are running the Nexus 9, which is a fast and great looking tablet, with the Roon preferred 4:3 aspect ratio and because it’s a Google device, it’ll always have the latest Android software updates.

We’re terming this a preview release as we’re not yet equipped to test on the wide variety of Android devices out there. We have big plans for Android and iOS, but we know people have been waiting patiently for tablet-based control of Roon, so here we go!

Grab the Roon Remote for Android here, and let us know what you think in the new Android category here on our Community site.

Thanks everyone!