Roon Remote re-sign requests

Hi @support
I have installed RoonServer on my Win 8.1 PC and my endpoint is microrendu and the control is via an iPad. Randomly the remote on the iPad asks me to re-sign in. Why would it do that - I have a subscription and its not the free trial period?

Hi @KBN ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us.

Moving forward, can you verify if RoonServer stops running at any point on the Win8.1, when you make this observation with iPad? If you have any other active roon remotes, are they behaving in same manor?


Hi @Eric
As far as I can tell, RoonServer keeps working even when the iPad running RoonRemote stops. I have only one Remote
One more observation if that might help - RoonRemote loses connection - I get the Roon Lost Connection screen and it sometimes takes a long time for it to reconnect to the server. Sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect the iPad from the wifi network for it to work again

  • KBN

Hi @KBN ----- Thank you for following up with me and providing the requested feedback.

Moving forward, I would like to grab a set of logs from your iPad so our techs can have a closer look into what could be causing this behavior to occur. I will be following up with you via PM with instructions, momentarily.