Roon Remote retrieves incorrect album cover art

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini (mid 2011) with a 2.7 GhZ Intel core i7 processor, and 8 GB of ram running OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra) Output is via USB (Cardas Clear cable) to a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC. The computer is only used as a music server. All unnecessary background processes, such Spotlight indexing, have been disabled.
computer connected to local network and internet via wired ethernet
running Room 1.8 (build 831) stable

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mac mini and iMac computers computer connected to local network and internet via wired ethernet. iPad 2 connected to local network and internet via WiFi.

Connected Audio Devices

Room Remote running 2 devices
Device 1: iMac (21.5", late 2013) with a 3.1 GhZ Intel core i7 processor, and 16 GB of ram running OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra) – running Room 1.8 (build 831) stable
computer connected to local network and internet via wired ethernet
Device 2: iPad Air 2 running iOS 15.1 – running Room 1.8 (build 831) stable

Number of Tracks in Library

4,600 tracks

Description of Issue

When I browse my library by album on the iMac, the Roon displays of the album art are incorrect for about 30% of my library. The incorrect album art seems to be random, I cannot detect a pattern, and the actual albums displayed with the incorrect art changes every time I open Roon. If I select an album, and then click on the incorrect artwork displayed, the correct artwork is shown. I went into Settings / Setup and tried clearing the image cache (I did this twice), but it did not solve the problem. The copy of Roon Remote running on my iPad displays the artwork correctly. Attached in an example of the incorrect artwork. Please help.

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This is really strange. Since the problem is not present on your iPad, there has to be something funky going on with Roon on your iMac rather than Core. What software are you running on your Mac mini? Roon Server or Roon (the desktop app)?

I’d suggest completely removing Roon from your iMac (your control, NOT Core). You’ll need to quit all Roon (and Roon Bridge) programs on your iMAC control system and then remove the following folders under your account’s home directory:

  • Library/Saved Application State/com.roon.Roon.savedState
  • Library/RoonBridge
  • Library/Roon

Then remove these folders under /Applications:


Reboot your iMac (just to be safe). Then, make sure you have all of the latest updates from Apple installed (pick “Software Update…” from the “About This Mac” pop-up via the Apple menu). Finally, re-install the Roon desktop app from Roon Software Downloads - PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS | Get it Now

No guarantees that this will solve the issue, but at least you’ll be sure that you’re starting from a fresh, clean installation. Good luck!

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The clean install of Roon on my iMac did not solve the incorrect cover art issue, in spite of numerous attempts (re-installs), restarts, shutdowns, etc. During the removal process I did not find a Library/RoonProcessing: Example #2 of Incorrect Album Artwork.jpg…
Bridge folder, but I did see a RAAT Server folder which I know is part of Roon, so I did remove it as well.

At this moment I am at a loss. Any other ideas on how to solve this problem?

Are you able to reproduce this problem on any other computer in your house? Perhaps have a friend bring their laptop over to see if they can reproduce the issue.

What version of macOS is running on your iMac? It looks like Roon requires macOS version 10.14 or later. See the Roon System Requirements doc for details.

If the problem only appears on that iMac, it may be in need of service or may otherwise be incompatible.