Roon Remote seems to have stopped working on iPhone

Having recently updated to iOS 16, Roon Remote on my iPhone seems to have stopped connecting to my Roon Core. The core (which sits on a remote Mac mini on my network) is running fine (I have rebooted etc) and I can access it from other apple computers on the network. I just cannot now see it from my iPhone. It is as if the moon remote is constantly searching for the core.

Roon Core Machine

The core sits on a Mac mini connected to my network with ethernet. Mac mini runs Mac OS 12.6 and the Roon Core version is 1.8 (build 1105) stable.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys WiFi 6 Mesh that has been up, running and stable for months now.

Connected Audio Devices

Roon remote (latest version as of this date) is on an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 16.0 connection over wifi.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Not much help but mine is working fine since upgrading to IOS16.

Have you tried restarting your core since the update?

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Hi @David_Lister,

I have enabled diagnostics mode for your account. What I am seeing are connection errors. I also noticed inconsistent logging that may either indicate a problem or that the core was offline for a number of days.

Here’s what I might suggest and exactly what I would do if this were happening to me.

Power down the router and the modem. Start up the modem first and wait until it’s online. Power off your mesh nodes or unplug them. Connect the router and let it sync with your modem for a minute or two. Reconnect your mesh nodes and let them connect. Restart your Roon core.

Please keep us posted and we will try to give you a timely response for the next steps if necessary!


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Thanks ever so much for having a look and for the advice, Wes…

I will run through all of that as you suggest and report back again if I have any problems… It’s evening now here and so I shall wait until tomorrow and run through it all methodically.

I seemed to get remote to connect again earlier on by using the “reset roon remote on next startup” but I think that was a fluke as it now could not see the core again and the same trick did not work a second time…

I did, however, then do a “forget this network” on the phone, then reconnected to the network and remote could see the core immediately… Maybe coincidence so if the connection drop happens again I shall try replicate…

What it looks like is that sometimes, when opened, roon remote is seeing the core and sometimes it is not… all times my other Mac computers on the network are seeing the roon core OK… so I think core and network connections to it are OK… I do suspect it is somehow network-related, though, and in particular how my network is handling the particular phone requests to connect remote to the core when opening roon remote… It may be to do with the mix of reserved and non-reserved IP addresses I use and I can look at that again tomorrow…

It does sound fishy. I like your idea of forgetting the network and forcing a re-auth though. Good call.

Our advice is always to simplify things. Please do try the change in reservation settings. If we can make this work with a standard DHCP setup that would certainly tell us more. FYI, I had a similar issue yesterday. My core had been online for 100 + days as and after a modem/router restart for an unrelated issue, it changed my IP. I thought I had it static at .46 but it’s .47 now. I might need to brush up on my ASUS skills it would seem!


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So, it looks like the “forget this network” did the trick… It’s been OK since I did that…

What I have done is make sure I have reserved IP addresses on the network for the various parts that use Roon, just to be on the safe side… either all reserved or all not, rather than a mix/match…

I think the recent update to iOS 16 has just tweaked a few settings here and there and I have been ironing them out since… Nothing catastrophic… so you don’t necessarily notice right away…

Now I have to start investigating the network as to why Roon ARC will not work right away… Might be double NAT between the modem/router and the MESH (which is there for a reason here, so not immediately fix-able) or the moden/router needs the unPnP turning on…

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