Roon Remote should keep track of scroll location


I am using the Roon Remote on an iPad Air 2. Most up to date Roon version which is 1.6 Build 401.

I have Roon Core running on an i7 Nuc with the ROCK OS installed. Playback occurs on a Moon Ace receiver which is also running up to date software. All devices are hard wired on ethernet, except for the iPad remote. So i7 NUC ROCK -> Ethernet -> Apple Router -> Ethernet -> Moon Ace.

The issue is that when the iPad goes to sleep, and then I wake it back up, the Roon Remote will open the correct page but it will lose track of scrolling state and always show the first tracks. This is not a big deal for small albums but when Iā€™m looking through all of my tracks I can not keep a consistent scroll state. It would be great if the scroll location or percentage could be kept.

I can upload photos if needed but hopefully this description is obvious enough.