Roon remote unable to find core

Roon Core Machine

A Lenovo laptop. Doesn’t matter. Worked fine fine before the update.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Same hardware as before the crappy update

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

Who cares. Honestly is this necessary

Description of Issue

Roon remote doesn’t find room core

I’m so frustrated with this last update. Not only is the ARC rollout useless, but now 2.0 has completely blocked my ability for the Roon remote on my iPhone to find the Roon core.

Tell me how to fix this without asking for the number of tracks in my library. Point me to something useful that is laid out in layman’s words and doesn’t require networking degree to fix. I’ve changed nothing on my network. Only thing I did is take this useless 2.0 update.

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@Andrew_Haight, can you please provide details of your Roon core, and your Roon control devices. This should include OS versions, and what release of Roon is currently running on each.

Wherever possible, provide screenshots. Thanks.

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Hi @Andrew_Haight ,

Apologies for the delayed response here, we’re working though a backlog of cases following the 2.0 release. I checked your account diagnostics and I noticed your Core has updated to 2.0, was this the laptop you were having issues with? Please note, you will also need to update your Roon Remotes to connect to the 2.0 Core. You can find the latest updates for Roon Remotes on our Downloads page here:

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