Roon Remote V1.8 Build 783 Crashing

I am running Roon Remote V1.8 Build 783 on my iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 14.4.2 and Roon ROCK V1.8 Build 783 on an Azulle Inspire Mini PC. My Roon Remote on my iPhone above is constantly crashing. I reinstalled my ROCK Core on my mini PC. I have deleted and reinstalled the Remote on my iPhone. But this has not helped. It was not crashing when V1.8 was first released. Please help. Thanks.

Hey @Richard_Jacobs,

Sorry for taking this long to get back to you - I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case :pleading_face: . We’re still catching up on replying to everyone.

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with the Roon Remote app on iOS. Our team is investigating this on the below thread:

The next best step would be to share the relevant information on that thread.

Thanks in advance for your help and patience :pray:

Roon app [remote] on iOS w/latest update has been constantly crashing. I can’t open Roon on my iPhone at all. This is a serious issue.

Running: iOS 14.4.2 // iPhone 12 Pro

EDIT: Just noticed there’s a massive (~380mb) update queued in app store. Standby.

EDIT 2: nothing fixed. Can’t open Roon. I get as far as the splas screen and the app quits back to my Home Screen.

Try deleting the app and then reinstall.

Fixed. Thanks friend.

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I am running my Core on an Azulle i5 Inspire Mini PC. I adjusted the BIOS to enable over clocking. That seemed to make the iOS Roon Remote more stable on my iPhone 12 Pro. It doesn’t appear to crash now. Subsequent, to that observation I just updated my Roon Remote to the new version. So my impression is that crashing of the iOS Roon Remote could in some cases be due to adjustments needing to be made in the BIOS of the Core’s host computer.