Roon Remote v1.8 Crashes

Roon Remote crashes (on my iPad and my Windows 10 laptop) every time I try to enter a name and enable the “RealTek(R) Audio WASAPI” or “System Output” audio output options for my Windows 10 laptop. In Roon Remote I go to Settings then Audio after which I see both audio output options for my laptop with a little “Enabling…” in red text showing above each option.

I suspect you may need to look at the Roon log file from my laptop…I’ve located it however I don’t know how to send it to you. Please advise…thanks!

Roon Core v1.8 build 884 is running on my Sonic Orbiter i5
Roon Remote v1.8 build 884 64-bit is running on my laptop running Win 10 build 19042
Roon Remote v1.8 build 880 is running on my iPad running v14.8
Roon Bridge v1.8 build 880 is running on my laptop running Win 10 build 19042


Same here. Started a few days ago.

Same here, it crashes every time I am prompted to name the output source and I tap on the box. After it restarts, it works until it forgets the source and needs me to set it up again.

I have two USB DACs and it happens when I alternate between them.

It now also started to crash every single time it runs in the background and I return to it after using other apps. Have done the usual app offloading, restarting iPad and reinstalling the remote again and still no joy

This is the first time I’ve posted here, are we supposed to wait for someone from Roon to reach out and respond to my Jan 29 post above ? If not how do I get in touch with Roon support staff ? And how do I send the Roon log file so support staff can analyze crash report ?

I’ve got new pair of desktop speakers arriving on Feb 7 and I am planning to use my Win 10 laptop as Roon Ready endpoint. Unless the crash issue is fixed this plan of mine ain’t going to happen.

Please advise, thanks!

Ok…I figured out my issue. Having Roon Bridge and Roon Remote installed on my laptop and running at the same time was causing instability for Roon Remote. After uninstalling Roon Bridge everything works as expected. I can now play Roon to both of my laptop’s audio output options with no issues.

I also discovered best way to get in touch with someone @ Roon is via the following link Contact Roon Labs for Technical Support & Billing Inquiries where you can also attach a crash log if need be. Because I solved the problem myself I didn’t bother filling in the form to contact Roon support.

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