Roon remote via Bluetooth

I spend a lot of time on the road with my pc and Hugo tt2 DAC. The ability to control via my phone is great.

However most hotel wifi will not let the remote see my core. Is there a way to use the android Roon remote via Bluetooth instead of wifi.

The remote works great on my home wifi, but hotel wifi has a firewall or something.

It’s most likely a guest network so can’t see other connections on the subnet. I just use the core and remote on my laptop. Small price to pay for roon on the run

If you don’t need the internet at the same time (or you can run a wire), you can try to setup your WiFi in hot spot mode. Also travel routers exist (examples).

Unfortunately, TIDAL is my main source of content while traveling, so a wifi connection with internet is required.

I just liked leaving the computer on the table and using my phone to pick tracks while I sit on a comfy couch or chair.

Thanks for the ideas though. I will investigate hotels with Ethernet and bring along a router.

You should be able to use the phone as the zone/player and send the output by BT.

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